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Alexey Vlasov

FACIMA Tools – is a script based plug-in used for importing MoCap data from Pixel Farm PF Track facial animation of live actors with following automatic synchronization of the sound, lip movements, mimics and head rotation.

* Any version of 3ds max starting with 2008 and above (32 and 64 bit) Supported
* Cutting Edge Quality
* Flexible Pepiline
* Absolutely Free(CDDL License)

This technology is comparable with the one in L.A. Noire and other expensive solutions!
It is extremely easy and absolutely free!

In a word, you shoot a person (with markers on his/her face) with two synchronized cameras. One camera in the front, one at the side.
Then you track the markers in 2d for each camera and save the data in *.rz2 format.

After that you adjust a 3d model with the same number and position of markers as there are on your live actor.

Then using the FACIMA Tools plug-in for 3ds Max you import the 2d data into 3d scene.
You also animate a special material for animating wrinkles. Micro vibrations of lips are created using the frequency analysis of the sound file.

More Info and Download Samples and Installer - http://scan3d.ru/index.php/productsmenu/facima-tools

You can estimate the quality in this video:

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2008 Minimum
Other Software Required: 
PF Track or Combustion
Video URL: 


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intheflesh's picture

Any chance of a tutorial yet?

Any chance of a tutorial yet?

intheflesh's picture


Any updates on tutorials for this? Looks great, but not entirely sure how to utilize it. And a tutorial on your recommended way of filming and tracking would be greatly appreciated to.

Keep up the great work!

darthmikael's picture

Great script!

Any chance to do some written tutorial o video tutorial?

wicq08's picture

video tutorials

I guess when you say you fixe video tutorials in 3-4 days you meant 3-4 weeks or maybe months. please tutorials are needed. theres no way to know how to use this.

Umar6419's picture

LOok at this video

Hey guyz any one their who can make first script in this video

which is used to make control points.........
that person doesn't want to share these scripts and i don't know how to make scripts because i just animate...
thanks !!

VlasovAlexey's picture

About Tutorial

> Can you make a video tutorial?

Yes. I fix this after 3-4 days.
Thanks all for Replies and Interesting!

Hello World!

wicq08's picture

HI, the video shows that this

HI, the video shows that this script/plugin is sth really cool, but How does it work?
Can you make a video tutorial? I think info to use this tool is needed
Best regards

ilopX's picture

cool +1

cool +1

notapix's picture

how to convert?

many thanks, looks like a great script.
I'd like to try it, but i have a empty, excuse my ignorance: how can I save or convert the 2D video, in data *.rz2 format?
(my video camera is on DV tape).

jamuti's picture

It looks good,But after

It looks good,
But after installation, I couldn't find the menu in max 2011.. on win7 64.
I think I need to run it as administrator, I'm new to win7.

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