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This script allow you to export multitakes from 3dsmax .



- Only Take001 is visible in FBX plugIn UI , but all takes will be quite present in the fbx file (FBXPlugin limitation)




- If no animation keys are in the range, a take is created with no keys.

- Don't forget to check "Animation" and "Bake Animation" in FBX plugIn UI

- If you change Timeline Frame Range after script is open , you need to close and open again the script





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Tested on 3dsmax 2011/2014/2015 32/64 bits and FBX Plugin 2013.3


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I can't add 300 frames

I have several animations in 3Dmax 2014, just let me add a hundred frame

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Hey, everyone!

Great script! I used it to post on Sketchfab and I did a few improvements to make life easier for me.
I'll share it with everyone, if the Author is okay with it.


- "export selected" button
- "select export path" button


All rights to [email protected]

fbxexportermultitakes2.ms 11.92 KB
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takes got blank time

hi im currently use this script with 3dsmax 2016.. i have got some problems with takes using with sketchfab.

first take working normal but other takes have got blank time (1-2 seconds) not working correct time frame areas.

How can i fix this? This is bug or not?

Please help.


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Hello, I will try to make an


I will try to make an "export only selection" . For unity I don't know , this script don't change any pos or others , see uncrypted script .
I never had probem into mobu, DAZ , iclone or others 3d software . Check your up axis , make sure your object are baked inside max .....

I started to work on the code to remove take001 empty , but unafortunely I don't have time actualy to work on .Sorry and thank for your good comment .

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I love the script you made

I love the script you made but it lacks of the selection only export.
Another thing i notice on a test export to unity was that for some reason some objects was not on the place it should be on.
Will you have some updated version of that useful scrip you have?
Again thanks for your great work!

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Thank you very much

Thank you very much

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Hello ,

I remove link for next update in 2/3 days . Sorry for delay .

old script joined .

fbxexportermultitakes.ms 10.01 KB
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Cool and handy script but

Cool and handy script but where is the download link?

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Hello ,

I don't know why . I dont' have 3dsmax 2010 , only 2011 and 2014 , and no problem .
If you need more help: [email protected]

Now I have replace .mse to .ms , hope this help too . Actually I don't have time to refine and add com into my script , and it's a 2 years old script for me .

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