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Daniel Wichterich

Flaps simplifies animation of flipping planes. You select one edge, let Flaps generate a new plane which then will be rotated around that edge. Finally Flaps generates a spinner you can use to control and retime the whole animation.

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If you create something interesting with it, i would love to see it: [email protected]

1. Run script
2. Select a plane object.
3. Press "Initialize"
3. Select the edge you want to rotate around
4. Press "New Plane"
5. Rotate the new plane to its final position
6. Repeat from 3
7. After the creation of the last plane press "Finish"
8. Control animation using the custom attribute of your first plane

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flaps_v01.mse8.49 KB


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max 9

Sorry, i don't have max 9 to test it. Greetings, Daniel

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max 9

Hello, this is just what I need, but im having trouble animating it on max9. It converts the plane to a poly and then I cant cary on. It works ok if im not setting key frames as I go on each plane. Once initialized the initialize button does not activate again. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

Unable to convert: undefined to type: String

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To Daniel

Daniel can I ask you something? Can you send me the project file of this beautiful logotype "Flaps" on a carton. I want to see lighting and render configuration. If it is possible:) if it is please send to [email protected] thank you

logicoff's picture

yes thank you:) I hope you

yes thank you:) I hope you will continue developing this script:)

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Simply create the first plane, then hit the finish button and use the progress slider to go to the time when the planes starts rotating.
And then start anew with the second plane.
Hope that is understandable :)

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a Question

excuse me Daniel can you tell me how to make an animation so 2 or more planes from different edges come at the same time?

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hi, glad you like it. i just

hi, glad you like it. i just tried backburner rendering and it doesn't seem to be a problem. can you open your file locally on a computer having proplems via network rendering and check if it is working fine?

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Rendering on a network?


I'm using this script as part on an interior build animation for floor tiles. Its a great little script and so easy to use!

Doing local tests it worked fine, but rendering over the network we have set up in the office it seems to break. Locally everything is fine, but over the network it only shows the last 2 strips of floor tiles unfolding but the first 5 strips don't have any animation?

Anyone any ideas?

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Get an error

Love to use the script, but when I run it I get: Cannot assign to read only variable:Planes.


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Daniel very good script. Thanks. Very usefull.



I found some time to try to script the animation I did, and personal logo. :) Very clever script.

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