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This script comes in 6 macros - rolled into 2 script files. The script flattens splines to an X - Y or Z snap point. You select the spline - select the verts you want affected and then use the command. The script creates 6 commands - Flatten_Spline_X - Flatten_Spline_Y... Fatten_B_Spline_X and so on. The non B version moves the verts to the proper location but will not adjust Bezier Handles. The B version will also flatten the Bezier Handles so that the spline is truly flattened. You can use ESC key of Right Click to cancel. The command is only visible when a spline object is selected. If you select the command while not in vertex sub-object level - nothing happens. If you select the command with no verts selected - nothing happens - but you are in pick destination position mode so you must ESC or Right Click to cancel.

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Download and place the scripts in the Scripts Folder. Go to Maxscript>Run Script and run the 2 scripts. Go to Customize UI - go to Quads Menu - highlight the lower left Quad on the main menu - then expand the Context Spline Tools Item. The Flatten Spline scripts have a filter flag so they are only visible when Splines are selected - and this location makes them visible with other spline tools. You can look for the script in the MC_Tools Category.

Hope that makes sense. If not - go to the Discreet / AME 3dsmax forums and post a topic. I'm an FA there so I'll respond once I see it.

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Great tool

great tool, thanks
but is it possible to make it work by single click because on my Wacom tablet is very difficult to double click

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Very Useful

So good for those who were opening autocad just to flatten the drawings, Thank you

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What about flatten spline by

What about flatten spline by view? :D

edit: oh.. sorry, this is an old post i see ;)

Raymond H.Ingebretsen - http://www.homme3d.com

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Hey man, is there a way to add a "XY" flatten point? i mean, instead of flatten the vertices in x and then y, use a tool that make this two points in just one tool.
I don´t know if is hard to implement, it´s just a suggestion.


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great tool, thanks!

great tool, thanks!

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Very good! Thank you!

Very good! Thank you!

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