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I’m currently trying to make this a geometry plugin using maxscript so you can set and animate the parameters in real time, just like any other geometry object in max. Scroll down for video.

I appreciate all feedback :)
Download URL: http://havardsc.com/scripts/flowerCreator.ms

How to:
To install it permanently on your system, just copy the file to the \plugins folder or to any folder listed in the plug-ins paths.
To try the plug-in without installing it permanently, just evaluate the code and look under Create panel>Geometry>havardsc category in the drop-down list. The plug-in will be only available for the single session and will not be there after restarting 3ds Max.
Any MAX files saved with the plug-in in the scene will require the script to be installed and evaluated in order to load correctly.

Additional Info: 

Old version:

Some days ago I stumbled upon this http://demonstrations.wolfram.com/VirtualFlowersWithCrispatePetals/ and thought it would be cool to script the same thing in maxscript. I used the curve control editor to display the graphs as a preview, in lack of a better alternative to display a them, as far as I know. I am kind of new to scripting and this is my first post on scriptspot, so be gentle : )
Open for any kinds of suggestions.

url: http://havardsc.com/scripts/flowerCreator.ms

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Tested on max2010
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He's pretty busy with work

He's pretty busy with work and personal projects.
I think it's okay for haavards that I attach the file.

flowercreator.ms 4.17 KB

Raymond H.Ingebretsen - http://www.homme3d.com

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where i get the pluggin of blooming


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Get the Flower-Creator Quick Reference (English version)

Well…, here is the advertised Flower-Creator Quick Reference in PDF format. Three of the main groups of parameters of the maxscript are based on equations, but this reference is intended for those who don't want to mess with math and like the intuitive way. Be gentle with my English ;) The Spanish version will come soon.

Thanks a lot again, Haavards!

flower_creator_maxscript_-_quick_reference_en.pdf 756.18 KB
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Updated the download links

thanks to Tassel for notifying me! I found a version of the script and updated the download link.

Ariel NM, that mail account was taken down with my old site. If you want you can mail me at havardschei at hotmail and I will add the link to this page :)

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Hi,Haavards has finished his


Haavards has finished his studies at NTNU, that is why the webpage can not be accessed anymore and the mail has been deleted to.

I spoke with Haavards a while back and from what I understand, he has no backup of the scripts anymore. Hopefully he will read this, but he is busy with his new job i guess.

I do not think he has anything against the scripts he has made ​​will be posted here on scriptspot if anyone has them. I can ask him when I get time.

Raymond H.Ingebretsen - http://www.homme3d.com

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nice job

nice work

many many thanks !!!!!!!!

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Quick Reference in PDF

I'd like to thank you with a Quick Reference for Flower Creator in PDF format. I attempted to send you this document to havardsc-at-stud-etc., but my emails are rejected. How could I?

By the way: if anyone in this forum wants that Quick Reference (in English and/or Spanish), just send me a message to ariel[at]crst[dot]co[dot]cu.

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The requested URL /havardsc/site/wordpress/ was not found on this server.

Pls repost it

Thank you!

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Great! Thanks to the Script

Great! Thanks to the Script

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for making such a wonderful script.

Thank you very much.

Great Script.

I like it.

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