FumeFX Partitioner

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This script will divide a fumeFx grid into partitions.
This can also be used to simulate a batch of fume grids locally or via backburner.

More info and sample usages here.

Version Requirement: 
2008, 2009, 2010
FumeFX_Partitioner_0.10.ms25.98 KB
FumeFX_Partitioner_0.11.ms26.11 KB


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Update to 0.11

Apologies for the long overdue update request.
Hoepfully this will now work on newer version of fume. Feel free to post any bugs.

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great script... but...

any update for 2012?

because its not work properly...
- sim doesn't run...
- cache paths doesnt work (its overwrite same folder for each container part)

graphic design and animation

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Tried using the FumeFX partitioner not working

I tried using the partitioner script in 3ds max 2010 -64bit but it is not working. Can you please suggest me if i'm doing anything wrong.


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Nice Script

Hi Jeff,

I tried using your script but was not able to get it right. I have the following questions, it would be really helpful if you can take some time to answer them,

1. Where exactly the part max files get saved? I dont get to see them and the batch file returns an error - "Error opening the scene file"
2. Does the script automatically change the output path for .fxd for all the part max files?
3. Once the part .fxd's are generated how can i get back them into a single scene?

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jea, incredible! sitni should

jea, incredible! sitni should pay you for this ^_^

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Hi! This is a brilliant

Hi! This is a brilliant script!
But! Does it work in 3dsmax9? At the moment i'm getting an error "type error call needs function or class got undefined." this happens when i hit simulate locally. It all works up till that point!

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GomiTron: www.gomi.co.nz

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thanks guys! :D

thanks guys! :D

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A Feature that is longer over

A Feature that is longer over due with fumefx! Fantastic stuff

-Just tested this WOW alot of work went into this! Works fantastic on max 2010 64bit.

Kieran Ogden-Brunell | www.kobfx.com | www.vimeo.com/kobfx

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Nice one Jeff :D

Nice one Jeff :D

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