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Custom viewport backgrounds just the way you want them.

• Create your own custom gradients; no images needed.

• Loads automatically at startup and with each new file.

• Great for office/studio workflows: Doesn't save the BG image to the file, so you won't get missing asset warnings.

• Comes with presets for Mudbox, Zbrush, Modo, and Maya

GradientView allows users to create custom gradients for their viewport backdrop without messing with handmade background images.   Users can create and edit as many presets as they want without creating extra images on your hard drive.

GradientView (if enabled) will load automatically with each new session of 3dsMax as well as each new scene even existing scenes.   The background image is never saved with the file; so when you hand off your scenes to others it will never complain about missing assets.  Enjoy!

Additional Info: 

• 3ds Max 2010 and up
• Download & unzip to MAXROOT\scripts\startup\ **MUST INSTALL HERE**
• In Max: Customize > Customize UI > Toolbars (under "TheDOUR" category) > drag to a toolbar to create a button
• Please note that GradientView will not preserve background images already applied to a scene if it is enabled.

New in version 1.0.1:
• fixed "isOn" error that occurs on some peoples' machines when saving files.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2010 (or higher)
Other Software Required: 
.Net Framework 2.0 (or higher)
gradientview_v1.0.1.zip17.87 KB


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Special THANKS

SPECIAL thanks BRO.. I was dying to get this type of thing.. Oyaa ..

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Gamma Correction

Could you please modify it so it compensates for gamma correction. I always work with Gamma turned on, and the background are too light this way. Thanks!

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I'll look into that.

I tested with Max2010 x64 @ work and it seems to be fine.

Do you have viewport backgrounds turned off? I'll see if I can repro on my end.

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I want it? but is doesn't

I want it? but is doesn't work. Nothnig happens by clicking, just yellow frame jumps form viewport to viewport. Max2010 sp1 x64 windows7 ). May be a problem with x64 bits? sorry if i teapot

*all install steps are done correctly.

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Nice stuff! :)

Nice stuff! :)

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Gamma 2.2

Great script, but it's having some issues with Linear Workflow/Gamma 2.2 enabled. The background gets extremely bright, close to white. Disabling the gamma and opening a scene with LWF works, but once I reset the scene the viewports becomes white again.

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great script! thanks
inst it possible to make gradient rotatable in perspective view (like in modo)

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Awesome! Fixed and all good

Awesome! Fixed and all good now on my machine!

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Hey Thanks!

**EDIT** Fixed in version 1.0.1

It sounds like it may be in the wrong folder. Make sure it is in Scripts\Startup

Also be sure you have 2010 or higher.

Let me know if you are still running into trouble.

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Cool script! But when I try

Cool script! But when I try to save it gives me the error "MAXScript Callback script Exception - --Unknown property: "isOn" in undefined"

Gives me that twice. I have to turn it off to save.

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