Grass Generator

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Grass Generator

Grass Generator v1.5 (Updated)

Create individual grass blades and patches of grass quickly!
Interface with customizable settings for controlling both grass creation and scattering.

So grass. Much generator. 

-- changelog --

1.5 - 29/05/14

New scatter option: Mesh
Added control to specify blade segments
New addon script: PFlow2Proxy
BIGFIX: Width and Length spinner now have more range

1.1a - 02/05/14

BUGFIX: Some of the grass UV's were getting messed up.

1.1 - 17/02/14
Code optimization (thanks to barigazy)
Speed improvements
Added option to automatically create Multi/Sub material

1.0 - 20/01/14
Initial release 



- Run the script in Max.
- Look for the category "DAZE" in the "Customize user interface" section.
- Add the "Grass Generator" command to a toolbar / quadmenu.
- Click it and have fun!

Tested in 2013 / 2014, will probably work in older versions.


Spanish tutorial provided by Alejandro Valverde



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nnq2603's picture

Homepage website was down/expired/abandoned for this script

Would be great if someone has this script and could upload a mirror download link.

Elenana's picture

а как скачать генератор? я не

а как скачать генератор? я не понимаю

oncire's picture


Can you add option in the script to automatically adjust your "default values" to the current system units..Its a bit confusing while changing the values..and theres a limit to the values.. I think the code is written in Centimeter...
When I try to create grass its to small the way my system units is in mm... I know that a simple scale will do after the creation... but if you can add it to the code I think its better.. Thanks nice script

fajar's picture

maybe some preset, load n

maybe some preset, load n save would be great ....

Derp Meowslurp's picture


some suggestions if you plan on advancing this script,

maybe add the option for veins especially one along the center,

have the leaf blades able to bend/curve/arc like a real grass blade.

there are a bunch of different type of grasses, bermuda, fescue, rye, tif, turf, zoysia, buffalo, bahia, st augustine, etc.

it would be nice to have some more flavors

All your scriptz are belong to me!

jgk1981's picture

Cool script!Is it possible

Cool script!
Is it possible to put animated grass too?
This is the only thing that the script missing to be complete ;)
Keep up the good work and thanks again for sharing.

asadar's picture


It works just fine (max 2014). Simple and efficient!
For a future version, a good option could be to add some control over the amount of edges (verticaly and horizontaly). And why not, a simple preset material.

Thanks for sharing!

Midge_S's picture


I'll keep this in mind for the future.
I'm collecting all the input people provided and am looking to expand the script with it.

ice-boy's picture


thanks for this script.

can you add an option to remove the middle loop? sometimes we create grass for background and we dont need the edge in the middle.

Midge_S's picture

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Thanks for all the great comments and suggestions!

I'll be looking into expanding the script further with a lot of the suggested features, as soon as they're added I'll be updating it. Could take a while though, bit busy lately, but I'm getting on it for sure! ;)

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