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"If you have used Multigen Creator and are familiar with its grid tool - then you will have a good idea of what this does. Specifically - it creates a grid 'Helper' object called 'GridPlusGRID' with which you can do the following:

  • Set GridPlusGRID orientation to the XY - YZ or XZ planes.
  • Toggle GridPlusGRID visibility on and off.
  • Align GridPlusGRID to three picked points in viewport (Three Point Put).
  • Center the GridPlusGRID on a point picked in viewport.
  • v

  • Move GridPlusGRID to 0 -0 -0 world coordinates.
  • Rotate the GridPlusGRID (In local offset or absolute world coordinates).
  • Move the GridPlusGRID (In local offset - world offset or absolute world coordinates).
  • Align GridPlusGRID to polygonal face.
  • Align GridPlusGRID to active viewport.
  • Align a selected object to the GridPlusGRID.
  • Project selected subobject to GridPlusGRID (works on polygonal meshes only).
  • Slice selected using GridPlusGRID (works on polygonal objects and subobjects).
  • Set GridPlusGRID spacing.
  • Set GridPlusGRID size.
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