HSigning - Horizontal Lines Signing Object Plugin -

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Andrés Fernández Cruz

HSigning is just a working prototype of a SimpleObject plugin to create horizontal signing (dashed and continuous lines) geometry objects.


You can create HSigning by picking any shape in the scene.

  • - All distance values are in system units.
  • - Distance values along spline (Stroke, Gap, Seg. Length...) are measured along the spline (not straigth distance)
  • - When creating a new signing_line, pick over an existing line. If not, nothing is created. 
  •           * First mouse drag: segments length
  •           * Second mouse drag: segments gap
  • - To keep line alignement, create the new signing_lines in Top or Perspective views.
  • - This prototype version works with any type of shape but ONLY with one spline at a time.
  •           CAUTION: if shape baseObject is a LINE it will be converted to SplineShape, with no possible UNDO.
  •           ONLY baseObject is changed. All modifiers remain as they were before.
  •           In this case, the HSigning will be created but the creation will be interrumpted and no mouse dragging is 
  •           possible.
  • - For software creation, you can define position on creation or create the object and then assign the spline.

There are two commercial versions (maxscript and C#) with all missing features:

  • - Work with multispline shapes.
  • - Mapping coordinates.
  • - Gluing to surface.

 Please contact me if you are interested in.


You can dowload the functional prototype script from:  http://www.proin3d.org/pathscripts/DOWNLOAD/HSigning/H_Signing_V100.ms

Copy this file in one of the folders below and restart 3dsMax

  • "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max <ReleaseNumber>\scripts\startup"
  •  "C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\<ReleaseNumber> - 64bit\ENU\scripts\startup"

 A new Geometry Object 'HSigning' will appear under the 'PathScripts' category.



Version Requirement: 
Tested on Max 2016. Should be valid in most versions.