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This script is a toolbox.

A collection of tools, intended mainly to help you manipulating scenes imported from other 3d softwares, such as Rhino, Sketchup, etc. The Condensers attach objects by its material or layer and rename the resulting object as its material/layer. You can also optimize the resulting geometry. The other tools do pretty much what you expect, according to its name and options. I hope this tool is as useful to you as for me. If large number of objects is selected it may look frozen, but he will do the job. Just give him a second (or two) :)

v1.01 - Fixed issue in Condense by Layer when processing the last created layer.

Enjoy! and please report bugs if any ;)

Additional Info: 

Installation: Go to “MaxScript” menu and select “Run script”. Select the file and click “Open”. Then go to “Customize” menu, and select “Customize user interface”. In the new window, select tab “Toolbars”, in “Category” select "Tools”. There you will find "Importer toolbox". Now you can drag and drop it in the toolbar. Save changes before closing the "Customize User interface" window. Enjoy :)

Version Requirement: 
Max 2012-2014
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importer_toolbox_v1_01.ms10.11 KB


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RobSteady's picture

Lifetime Saver

Wonderful Tool!
Thanks a lot.

Possible add on: Rename object name by layer name button.


Nomte's picture

Good idea

Thank you Viktor!

You are right, the script is not intended to handle geometry with multimaterial. That update is a good idea, I will work on that!

Thanks for the feedback and the screencaptures! :D


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great script!

very useful script. work fine if there are only simple materials. if simple materials connected to some multimaterial script didnt break it and keep material original messy state. and also despite 20 materials it produce 50 objects (20 materials + 30 multimats)

i use two scripts to optimize models - attachSelectedObjects and DetachByID (there are here on Scriptspot). so it collapse all objects and materials to single object with multimat and then detach to object my mutimat material ID.

there are some illustrations attached

would be great if your script could manage with multimats as well

thank you for efforts,

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