Improved Face Weighted Normals

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This script is a must have for medium polygon modeling.

Weighted Vertex Normals or Face Weighted Normals use the area of the face to tune the vertexs normals.

This script does this for you with just one click.

Unlike others FWN Scripts, this one considers coplanar faces like they were a unique big face

You can disable this feature to get an standard FWN result, or tune threshold for not completely flat surfaces

Ver. history

-Big speed improvement on large models: Time needed to build now grows linearly with face number instead of exponentially
-Bug fix: sometimes you had to manually delete previously generated modifier if you need to regenerate it, now you don't
-minor speed improvement - not released

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2008 - 2018
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How to create a button Create

How to create a button

Create a new file and rename it to and copy this:

macroScript IFWNormals
tooltip:"IFW Normals"
on execute do
fileIn "IFWNormalsFree.mse"

Then copy this new file and .mse to your 3ds maxscript folder and run the ms one

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RE: Difference

Free version has no angle threshold, and larger polys take longer. Free version is not for commercial use either.

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Works well

Thank you for offering a free version, I will definitely pick it up having tried it out.
Like x_OL, I Would also like to know what this comes under in the tool bar.


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Hi, what is the difference between full and free versions?
Thank You.

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free version : -- Error

free version :

-- Error occurred during fileIn in "D:\Downloads\IFWNormalsFree.mse"; line number: 164
-- Error occurred in anonymous codeblock; filename: D:\Downloads\IFWNormalsFree.mse; position: 3650; line: 164
>> MAXScript FileIn Exception:
-- Syntax error: at IFW, expected
-- In line: <<

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thanks a lot of your guide,it perfect worked rightnow,

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How to make button for free version?

How to make button for free version? I can't find own category of your script in "Customize user interface -> Toolbars". Copying text of script and draging it to the button is impossible too - because it is .mse file type - it compiled.

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you can contact me for

you can contact me for support or to get a refound at [email protected].

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i buy a license for the script.but i find it unworked in some model,when i click the generate button,the unworked model look's like in vertex normal full break.

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Autosmooth 2.0

This is a good one. Thanks from Studio2a!

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