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The visual maxscript editor has issues... doesn't make nice code and is generally useless.  So instead I made this...

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Run the mcr file and find it in your customise user interface windows under 'DW Tools'

Version 1_0 - Release
Version 1_1 - Bug fixed which could allow nested groups, which maxscript doesn't like and would therefore crash.
Version 1_2 - Released unencrypted so that it works in 3dsmax 2017 and well... because who doesn't like to learn (judge) from other people's code....

Version 1_3 - Bug Fix: Deleting groups now works...
Bug Fix: Data is maintained when you open/close/open the tool
Main UI is now resizable
ProgressBar Control switches orientation automatically
ListBox, MultiListBox, ComboBox and Dropdownlist now have move item up/down controls.

 Version 1_4 - More Rollout properties exposed, Bugs fixed with escape characters, duplicate names of controls bug removed. 
New Feature: Store and load UIs, have live resize information saved, 



Version Requirement: 
Only tested on 3dsmax 2016 but should work for all versions.
dw_interactiverolloutbuilder_v1_3.mcr116.66 KB
dw_interactiverolloutbuilder_v1_4.ms128.13 KB


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Yeah I added some stuff to make the selected control change to the next in the list when you remove a control and it appears the double status of the group in the list is messing it up... I've recreated the error so will fix asap!

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i create a group , i remove the group , it crahsed

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Super cool script IMO

but in version 1.2 when i try to create a group i have an crash.

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Try the new version

The latest version is unencrypted.

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加密脚本是不支持宏的 The encryption

The encryption script does not support macros

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Couldn't be bothered to figure out why it didn't work with encryption so just released it unencrytped...

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Tested it on 3dsmax 2017 this morning and could reproduce the bug.... but only with the encrypted version. I'll just release it unencrypted to get around this problem.

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You can't open mse file in

You can't open mse file in maxscript editor.

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Nice one !

Thanks for sharing :)


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