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About INTools:
The tools are designed to speed up various tasks in different workflows.
They are aimed at Game-asset production and Visualisation. The compact version doesnt contain all INTools but its still a lot in there

Download the supplied .mzp file and drag n drop it into your max viewport or start it through the menu MAXScript/Run Script.
After doing that Restart max and you should be good to go

How to find it:

What the letters mean:
The tools are loosely categoryzed into:

  • B - Bitmap/Texture/Material related
  • M - Mesh/Topology/Object/Node related
  • V - Various other stuff

What the tools are:

  • B Cry-Mtl Export - Exports Standard Materials to CryEngine┬▓ format.
  • B Mixer - Mixes a user defined number of images horizontally or vertically giving each image equal space.
  • B Proportionizer - Fits a planar UVMap mod onto a plane based on it's diffuseTexture's aspectRatio.
  • B Screen Shooter - Makes screenshots of a viewport in a Render Element fashion.
  • EffectMapper 3 - Gives you the possibility to create Displacement, Normal and AmbientOcclusion-maps from Diffuse or Heightmap-Textures, also allows you to bake the same maps from a High to a Low-poly Object.
  • M Breaker - Breaks up meshes with random patterns for use in the reactor engine inside 3DsMax or export to Game-Engines.
  • M Cleaner 2 - Reduces the faceCount of objects not by a percentage but by surfaceAngles (Detail) wich is great for quickly creating LODs or reducing a mesh for a Game Engine.
  • M Copy 2 Vert - Copys objects to other object's verts.
  • M Link 2 Vert - Links objects to other object's verts.
  • M Renamer - Renames collections or chains based on given patterns.
  • M Shelf - Stores/restores transformations of a collection similar to the maya shelf tool.
  • M UV 2 Mesh - Converts your object(s)'s UV-Map to an Editable Poly or Mesh, also supports the creation of a "Bakingplane" to enable a faster workflow for planar highPoly modeling.
  • V Auto Loader - Creates/Manages Max autostart scripts.
  • V CPU Control - Lets you change Max's CPU priority.
  • V Time Clock - Keeps track of tasks and the time these took.
Additional Info: 

if you'd like your language version of max to be supported in the next update do the following:
execute this code:

 mnMenu = menuMan.getMainMenuBar()
 for i = 1 to 10 do
  print(((mnMenu .getItem i).getSubMenu()).getTitle())

paste in a comment here what it prints and wich one is the "Tools" menu item.

The new compact setup thing is fairly new so i expect some bugs to still pop up, feel free to report if you find something off or have improvement suggestions.

Documentation is also still on the toDo list, for now trial and error will have to do ;)

have phun & create

01.07.10 - Added the first pics to show what each tool does

Version Requirement: 
2008 and higher (English Version)
Other Software Required: 
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Your Oppinion pls

I'm writing a new Version of the Mixer Tool, so far its 14 times faster than the old one..

I'd like to get your oppinion on a matter of UI design: Should the seperate maps/images be displayed as thumbs in the matter they are now, or as buttons similar to the MultiMaterial UI?
Keep in mind I've added a live preview aswell wich directly shows the endresult as a thumb.


Raphael Steves

artkitekt's picture

Nice!! Diggin' the menu

Nice!! Diggin' the menu integration :)

Andru Phoenix
ATK Developer

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