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Thorsten Hartmann

Hi Guys,

Welcome to iRay Manager V3. Use this tool to activate the iRay "secrets". Optimize your Renderings with new Environment Modes and some special Options.

iRay Manager Options


  1. Resources
  2. Texture Baking Size 
  3. Degrain
  4. Bloom Filtering
  5. nominal luminance
  6. FireFly Filtering (The FireFly Filtering is a boolean that filters out higher range values that cause "fireflies", the bright white pixels usually caused by caustics that take a long time to converge.)
  7. Matte Ground 
  8. Background
  9. Clay Render 
  10. Save/Load Options 

This Blog present the new iRay Manager Script at 3dsmax2015.

This Tool is for free. All Users can help to make it better. Please send your Tips/Codes/ideas to Artur Leao or Thorsten Hartmann.


have fun!



thorsten hartmann

Additional Info: 

hi Guys,

New string options are:

Degrain / Bloom / Texture Size / nominal luminance

Have fun!