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Batch export all objects in your scene as separate files to any file type 3ds max supports.
-Exported files use the object names in the scene.
-option to export files using their indivdual pivots as the scene origen(center objects to 0 -0 -0).
-export all objects - only selected/deselected objects.
-Asign prefixes to file names at export.
-Asign Prefixes to object names in the scene.

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1.Extract '' to your 3dsMax/Scripts directory
2.Start up 3ds max and on the top menu bar - go to MAXScript>Run Script
3.Dont worry - nothing should happen :P
4.Now from the top menu bar go to Customize>Customize User Interface
5.Click on the 'ToolBar' tap at the top of the window
6.Make sure 'Group' is set to 'Main UI' and category is set to 'All Commands'
7.Scroll down until you see 'KeensBatchExporter' - then click on it and drag it somewhere on your gui(top bar where trasnform tools are located)
8.Now just click on the newly created button to launch the exported

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illYay's picture

Offsets only by position, not full transform

I modified your script to not only reset the position to the origin but the whole transform. It was pretty easy. I changed lines 50, 51, and 59

if (useobjpivot) do
    OldTransform = $.transform       ---changed
    $.transform = matrix3 1          ---changed
if (exportsetup and p == 1) then
    exportfile exportName selectedOnly:TRUE
    exportfile exportName #noPrompt selectedOnly:TRUE
if (useobjpivot) then
    $.transform = OldTransform       ---changed

This is good for when the object is rotated in the scene. I had some objects rotated to make it easier to model some architectural peices relative to other peices, but in game I still would want their pivots to be fully zeroed out.

It could be useful to not affect scale though and in that case someone can modify it to preserve position and rotation but not scale, otherwise you have to be sure the scale is applied when using this.

This script is a HUGE time saver. Very nice. I use it to export my objects to Unreal Engine 4.

remainz's picture

setting units in export

This script is defaulting all my exports to inches when I need metric mm.

3ds max says the units can be setup in the exporter although it is unclear

Can they be set in this script?

I am not smart enough to figure it out myself.

simha.sai's picture

I need to convert bunch of

I need to convert bunch of max files to 3ds.. in a folder.. do have any script that do the work for me.. its save lot of time for me . I would like to pay for the script too. ;)

CliffyP's picture

Absolute Best script ever!

Absolute Best script ever! I have needed something like this for ages, yet noone knows maxscript where I work, and nothing else like this existed.

This script will literally cut down the time it takes to export media to a mere fraction of what it took before.

I cannot thank you enough for this script!

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