Kuka Hotwire CNC

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This script allows you to specify two splines to create a segmented surface. It then derives the necessary KRL code (.src and .dat) files to drive a Kuka Robot equipped with a hotwire cutter. For more information, please see the YouTube video (slightly outdated version of the script, but illustrates similar functionality).

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Version 1.0 Improvements and Bug fixes:

1. You are now able to save and load settings file (with extension .prm)
2. Script can now handle shapes with multiple splines (e.g. text splines, but you might need to add additional vertices to describe the path from one spline to another within the shape).
3. Removed 200 mm arrival and departure offsets (but you might need to add additional vertices to describe approach to spline and departure vector at end of spline).
4. Added amplitude spinner for size of yellow normal vectors at mid-point of segments.
5. Added software disclaimer warning.
6. Various improvements and bug fixes to the script and interface.

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