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Disassemble tool

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Disassemble Tool

The Disassemble tool is meant to help streamline the fabrication process. This tool will take a given object, made of any number of planar surfaces, and customize the individual parts with the following parameters:

Joint Type – Box joint, butt joint, mitered joint

Material Thickness – based on specified building material or flat sheets for laser cutting

Kuka Hotwire CNC

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This script allows you to specify two splines to create a segmented surface. It then derives the necessary KRL code (.src and .dat) files to drive a Kuka Robot equipped with a hotwire cutter. For more information, please see the YouTube video (slightly outdated version of the script, but illustrates similar functionality).

CAD Cleaner

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A utility script to weld vertices and clean up smoothing in imported/converted CAD models. Works on Editable_Mesh objects in selection. Does not work on objects with an Edit_Mesh or Edit_Poly modifier applied. I use this to do a first-pass quick cleanup on imported SolidEdge models; it helps eliminate duplicate faces and odd smoothing groups.

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