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Daniel Wichterich

Lo Ola creates wavelike delay motion. You define one master object and its slave objects. La Ola then links all the properties and modifiers you want via expression controllers. It does not create or copy any keyframes. Once set up you get direct feedback when you animate.

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Added a new video created by Chris Murray on how to use LaOla

Changes Version 0.3
-added visibility to the list of properties
-added possibility to remove laola expressions from all objects
-increased speed on adjusting delay (via custom attribute)
Changes Version 0.2
- Added possibility to change delay amount afterwards (via CustomAttribute on the Master Object)
- Rotation is now relative to original position

1. Pick Master Object
2. Select Slaves and press "Add Selection"
3. Select the properties you want to be controlled by the master object.
4. Set the amount of ticks to be delayed
5. Under "Process" press "OK"
6. Use the Custom Attribute on your MasterObject to adjust the delay

Run ""

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laola_v03.mse18.21 KB


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Does this work under 3ds max 2012? I do everything step by step but when I move 1 object everything moves with it without delay.. can you help me?

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Just a big thanx..

I wish there were more people like you! This script is really cool and you share it for free....I really appreciate!

Do you think it would be possible to have the same kind of delay effect for things like path constraint controller?

Anyway, thanks a lot for your work!



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It is so much better than Keytransfer which allows only to offset transform keys. Thank you for this one!

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awesome! thanks a lot :)

awesome! thanks a lot :)

Daniel Wichterich's picture


Hi, thanks!
@mdko: I changed that in version 0.2. Greetings

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Looks really fantastic! :)

Looks really fantastic! :)

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This is really good! But is

This is really good! But is there any way for the objects to rotate relative to their original position? Because now when i link objects, their initial rotation changes..

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Great script! Good work

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