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Daniel Wichterich

Lo Ola creates wavelike delay motion. You define one master object and its slave objects. La Ola then links all the properties and modifiers you want via expression controllers. It does not create or copy any keyframes. Once set up you get direct feedback when you animate.

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Added a new video created by Chris Murray on how to use LaOla

Changes Version 0.3
-added visibility to the list of properties
-added possibility to remove laola expressions from all objects
-increased speed on adjusting delay (via custom attribute)
Changes Version 0.2
- Added possibility to change delay amount afterwards (via CustomAttribute on the Master Object)
- Rotation is now relative to original position

1. Pick Master Object
2. Select Slaves and press "Add Selection"
3. Select the properties you want to be controlled by the master object.
4. Set the amount of ticks to be delayed
5. Under "Process" press "OK"
6. Use the Custom Attribute on your MasterObject to adjust the delay

Run ""

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laola_v03.mse18.21 KB


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Bake to keyframe?

I need to export animation to another package which requires keyframes. Is there a way to bake each objects keyframes down for FBX export?

raven's picture

Multiple La Ola in a single scene

This is still one of my favourite scripts.
I was just wondering if there is a way to have multiple La Ola setups in a single scene.
I find that it will over write all of the setups if you just change one of the tick delays.
I am controlling a few different slices on the same objects that all need different delay settings.
Even if there is a way to just manually edit the current custom attributes I could change the one set to have a different variable name in the script controller.
Is this possible, I cant seam to access it in the Parameter editor?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Looks like it is working in another file, I just have managed to break it somehow in the one setup i have. strange.

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Ok, if you parent all the

Ok, if you parent all the bits of the geometry before hand, then the delay transforms work fine!

backflipbedlem's picture

Did u ever get a fix for

Did u ever get a fix for this???

backflipbedlem's picture

Parenting issues

Hey Dude,

Love the script, its super cool!
But seem to have run into a major issue regarding parenting.
Am I doing something wrong? Is it possible.

Once i get a cool looking delayed transform, I can't reposition the whole setup or parent it to a dummy etc!
Really hope this can be done!


raven's picture

when used on reference objects

Fantastic script thanks.
Is it possible to just copy the modifier that you are using.
I have a bunch of reference object, and it copies all the modifiers from below the reference point as well. So I have to go to each one and delete them.

logicoff's picture

oh I can see now... I didn't

oh I can see now... I didn't see it in the tutorials:) thanks

Jonathan de Blok's picture

Cool stuff!

Cool stuff!

And nice meeting you at the EUE :)

Daniel Wichterich's picture

max 2012

make sure to have the animate button turned on
it should work in max2012

Daniel Wichterich's picture

path constraint controller

@ Oli:
Hi, in fact the delay effect should work for a master object with an path constraint. I just tried it and was surprised myself :) Greetings

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