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Layer Manager is a utility that creates layer controls for 3D-Studio MAX. When Using Layer Manager - every object that is created within Max is placed on a Layer -
each object defaults to the World Layer. Each layer has it's own properties - and each object assumes the properties of the layer it exists on. Layers can easily be hidden - frozen or given an alternate material.

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Version History

- fixed a hide/unhide problem that was causing huge delays

- fixed (again) the confilict between blend material and blend modifier.
- replaced the disabled 'pick' option in alternate materials with 'medit material' this allows you to pick a material in the material editor to use as an alternate material. of course - the user must be carefull not to overright this slot...Again this new features is UNTESTED!
- small teaks to the position of the extended menu

- add features in main '>' rollout menu
1. Remove Empty Layers (removes layers that contain no objects)
2. save layer data saves the layer data into an asci file.
3. import layer data imports JUST LM DATA..won't overwrite existing data with same Layer ID's.
the combination of these 3 items should provide an additional workaround to the merge problems... for example...prior to a merge that could cause problems - save the layer data - then wipe the LMdata through the debug option in the main rollout menu - merge the max file - them import the data back. additionally - you could then export the data from the merged file and import into the new file..
NOTE: these 3 features are NEW and UNTESTED..proceed with caution!!!!

- add layer position options under Create New Layer From Selected
- fixed a conflict between alternate material 'blend' and bones pro 'blend'
- fixed an alternate material bug that occured if objects were added when in alt mode then alt mode was unassigned
- added a maximum value of (systeminfo.getscreenheight) to the dialog box...if you have a ton of layers the dialog box won't get bigger than your sceeen...position your mouse between layers to move the dialog box up and down.

- tweaked the renaming action on layers - now updates automaticly without having to hit tab
- fixed yet another reset bug
- added fix for active layer when creating a layer after there were 0 layers
- fixed a delete layer bug
- fixed a small bug when the user clicked the close button instead of okay on the CreateNewLayerFromSelected

- Fixed autoassignment bug
- Avoided bugs in r4 persistent global data merging with files...added some code to sense file mergeing and import data appropriately. Merging by layer name isn't yet (easily) possible - but it is at the top of my list.
- Modified the generation of the Layer ID #. Now the random # is between 10 and 100000 (was 10 and 1000) this reduces the chance of accidental merge oopses from .1% to .001 percent
- Added 'Generate New Layer ID's to the main menu. This will help to alleviate the merge problem as well. For example. If you save a copy of a file for someone else to work on - and it contains layer information - and they use your layers - if you merge this file back in - the layers will be collapsed together. Running this option will change all the id's on all the objects and layers. Giddy-up.
- Added max prompts for LM events.

Version Requirement: 
4; 3
Other Software Required: 
<a href='' target=new>AVGuard Extension</a> - <a href='!-v3_2/' target=new>CtrlLib Extension</a>
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RodgerFerris's picture

how do I install layer

how do I install layer manager into my 3ds Max 2008?

i'd appreaciate any help available.


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