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Does what the title says, renames layers. Renaming is possible for single items (double-click on list item), selected items and all items in the list. The default layer 0 can't be renamed and if the user creates a situation where more than one layer will share the same name, only the first layer will get renamed. Resulting names of zero length are automatically skipped.

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    Added a similar editable list of predefined values for the layer list. If you now rightclick in the layer list you can pick a name and the first selected layer will get renamed to that value. This is the only feature of the script available only for max 2010+, the rest is still max 9+.

    Added the possibility to swap Find and Search text fields content.
    Added "..." buttons next to the text fields. They allow the user to save and enter some frequently used values for the individual text fileds (see "Layer" in the following picture).

  Initial release.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 9, VIZ 2008
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Very nice rename tool,

Very nice rename tool, Swordslayer.


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Thanks for posting this script, it helped me out a bunch.

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Great idea mate

I was thinking about same function few weeks ago, it is really helpful.

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Good idea

I've now added the possibility to configure frequently used values for the textfields (... > Configure...), so you can have Layer" and similar items predefined for the Find textbox and "Home" and others for the replace textbox (it works in Base Name, Prefix and Suffix textboxes as well).

If you want to get the name of the current layer, I'd suggest doubleclicking it and copying the desired part.

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Rename Single Layer

Hi, to rename a single layer, just double-click it in the list. As for the swapping suggestion, that's a nice idea, thanks for that, I'll add it ASAP together with the other suggestions.

edit: swap action is now under the "…" button next to Find and Replace textboxes.

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I'm sorry for my bad language :/

There is an idea, add a list of common names for the layers.

With the ability to add and edit names.
selected layer (Layer01) and replaced with the desired (Home).

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I like this one, similar to

I like this one, similar to the rename objects dialog. Keep up the good work :D

Raymond H.Ingebretsen -

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Neat! But if I just want to rename a single layer, it should not be necessary to use the numbering so that the rename button is not greyed out. And personally I like to have a small "swap" button for a search&replace, so that I can fix any renaming done by it very quickly, if I accidently mistyped something.

Never get low & slow & out of ideas

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