Light Table

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Tool for animators to display ghosts/onionskin of selected objects, like in 2d animation software

(Inspired by TVPaint's light table)

Main features:

- Display ghosts/onionskin of any types of objects, such as skinned geometry, bones or particles.

- Fast controls of number of ghosts and their opacity (with symmetrical changing)

- Quick enable / disable before and after ghosts

- Auto hide on playback

- Three modes: normal, loop and clipped to range

- Two display options: flat shaded, with opacity maps

- Several predefined presets

- Saves information about selected objects within scene

Additional Info: 

Installation: drag & drop MZP file in 3ds max viewport, and restart it.
You can find this script in "Customize User Interface" in "San Tools" category. Enjoy =)

Another scripts in video you can find here

Version Requirement: 
tested in 3ds max 2013 and 2015
Video URL: 
lighttable.mzp589.58 KB


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HamedAnimo's picture

sugesstion desinged very good and flexible and also much better at performance than 3ds max ghosting.
suggest adding feature to something like... ghost to specifice frame number.
for example we are in the curent frame number 25 and just ghosting to frame(s) 100( or 45 and...). it is huge help to animator to compare thier character pose.

ghostpro278's picture


This error caused by the virus, I fixed it. I used Prune Scene, once again thank you, this script is great.

San_oOo's picture

Details of the problem

Could you explain me step by step what do you do and when the errors appear? Maybe you have special setup for scene, different skinning method, selecting wrong object type, anything. I just need more details to find a problem. Or if you can provide me an example of similar scene it would be great!

ghostpro278's picture

3ds max 2014

Initially everything was fine, I got this error lately :(

San_oOo's picture

Sadly it doesn't work

Sadly it doesn't work correctly in 2017 and upper versions. Something has changed and looks like I have to either rewrite it completely or it's impossible now.
Unfortunately I don't have time to deal with it now, but I hope I'll fix it one day.

San_oOo's picture

What is your 3ds max version?

What is your 3ds max version? if it's more than 2016, I cannot help you now, cuz something has changed there so the script doesn't work properly.
If not, just explain what did you do and when this errors appeared.

ghostpro278's picture


I got a error recently

1.png 47.01 KB
2.png 35.49 KB
3.png 37.33 KB
somnis's picture

Problems light table with 3dMax 2017

Are there problems of Script "Light Table" with the 3dMax 2017 version? It´s not working fine in my worstation. Thanks.

BR's picture

Awesome & Thanks :P there's

Awesome & Thanks :P there's nothing more to say :)

San_oOo's picture

turn off on playback

This is not a performance issue) I did this as standard feature, because it is very comfortable to use. You don't need disable script every time for checking animation on playback. I found this thing very useful in TVPaint 2d animation software.
But if you want to see ghosts on playback, you may do right click on help button "?". But when you reload script, you need to do it again, because it is unnecessary thing at all time.
Look at tooltips on script buttons and you can find little hidden features =)
Or maybe you mean that ghosts were hidden while you move time slider by hand? In this case make sure that Adaptive Degradation is off.

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