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Royal Ghost

Linker - MAX script allows to create hierarchical linkage between two objects linking them as child to parent. This script was created for easy linkage Biped bones with bounding box objects of these bones.

v1.2.0 (19.12.2008) - Added new collection method "Selected Chain To Buffer"
- Added possibility select in scene childs and parents objects which collected in buffer.

v1.1.0 (20.09.2008) - Added buffer mode. Buffer allows to store in memory hierarchi of choosen objects for linkage. Also here are introduced various methods of collecting buffer and it can be saved/readed to/from disk.

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Installation Instructions:
Macroscripts (.mcr) should be placed in maxroot\UI\Macroscripts, and are then accessed through the "Customise User Interface" menu in 3dsmax. You can then assign the script to a keystroke, or a button. All macroscripts will appear under the "" category in the dropdown.

Mini Tutorial:

Open linker_sample.max. You will see on the scene Biped skeleton (animated) and bounding box objects of certain bones of the Biped. The aim is to link bbox objects to corresponding biped bones.
Switch Biped in “Figure Mode”. Run Linker. In the text field “Base (parent)” type “Bip” and in the text field “Prefix (child) – “Dummy_”. Press “Collect” button. In the lower list box you will see the list of the pairs of objects. There objects can be linked with each other as a parent and child. If this list satisfies you press “Link” button to create hierarchical linkage. Switch off “Figure Mode”. You will see that “Linker” created links and bbox objects follow corresponding bones of Biped skeleton.
You can check yourself up by opening linker_sample_finished.max

Chain mini tutorial:

1. Create 5 Spheres. (scene must contain Sphere01,Sphere02,Sphere03,Sphere04,Sphere05)
2. Run Linker.
3. Select all five Spheres in scene. In the Linker choose Buffer->Seleced Chain To Buffer.

4. Press Link.

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