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Hi. This is my newest script i did for 3ds max. As i was playing a little bit with game making. I noticed lack of isometric help. By that i invented procedural isometric builder for cities. it has now around 60 models to build from. it has smart roads that will connect themselfs if possible. Script is prepared to work with cm. over a grid of 10m size. using snap to grid you can very fast create the whole city in 5 minutes. or even less. Really!! Right now textures are prepare for Corona randerer, but that is just a matter of days.

Additional Info: 

new update!
fixed some paths issues and creation problems.
should be working fine for now.
- automatic prepare of grid: 10m x 10m

uploaded new version of the script: "low_city_v9". previous was buggy. missing variables. this should work. tried on max 2015,max 2016,max 2017

to run the script:

-download archive
-extract wherever you want
-open template max file
-you may need to asset track textures from textures folder, or just copy them to root script folder
-drag and drop the mse file to max
-press licence button and select "low_city.lic" file

- added water tiles
- added bridge tiles
- added some terrain tiles/football pitch, tennis court/

- added preset cities
- cities generated from 3 images. roads, density, landscape
- you can choose from preset city, or you can paint your own city
- added licence button, to select folder of the script
- added delete city button to delete all city

-coded in max 2015, so not sure if it works on previous versions
-made the models in Corona and converted to vray, no guarantee everything is ok with vr version
- You need to download the rar file and extract it anywhere. then open temp_file from archive and run the script.
- have fun
- cancel building with right mouse button, not esc key, it will crash.

Version Requirement: 
Other Software Required: 
Corona renderer, Vray renderer
Video URL: 
city_2.jpg11.36 MB
low_city_v9.mse55.38 KB
low_city_v91.mse50.6 KB


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assets download not working anymore

just so you know :)

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Looks great!

Wow, this looks great!

This is my website: http://www.citypixels.be

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Great Script

Good work. Very helpful script



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thank you. hope you enjoy it

thank you. hope you enjoy it


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this awesome

nice script (Y)

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download the low_city_v8.mse

download the low_city_v8.mse from this page from attachments area
- i noticed that folder variable was set to null at the begining
- run that script and select folder where you extracted the package


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Good script

Good script but not work max 2017 :/
Script search corona renderer?

-- MAXScript FileIn Exception:
-- No ""+"" function for undefined
-- MAXScript callstack:
-- thread data: threadID:4468

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very good...

very good...

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