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The outdoor areas in Driving Force required extremely large numbers of trees to be added to the terrain. Hand placing hundreds of external references in 3ds max wasn't considered viable. LSGardener was created - based off of Blur Studios' simple scatter script with Neil Blevin's blessing - to facilitate the random scattering - scaling - rotation - and planting of the tree objects.

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The UI allows the user to input the maximum number of objects they would like scattered into an area - the range for the random scaling (from 1% to 300% normal size) - whether the objects should be scaled uniformly or not - and how much - if any - adjacent objects should intrude upon one another (so trees could appear to be growing close together). The last version of the program added an option for building scattering (rotations are locked to 90deg increments and there is no intrustion allowed) and exportation of an XML file with the names of the scattered external references and their XYZ locations. This XML file was used by Driving Force to populate the world segments at run time.

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