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Kostadin Kotev

Depends of subobject level this script will execute different commands.

In Vertex subobject level:
 - if 0 vertex is selected will turn on the Cut tool
 - if 1 vertex is selected will turn on the Targed Weld
 - if 2 or more vertices are selected will connect them
 In Edge subobject level
  - if 0 edge is selected will turn on Create edge tool (create edge from vert to vert)
  - if 1 edge is selected will insert vertex in the middle of the edge and turn on the Vertex subobject level
  - if 2 or more edges is selected: if bridge operation is possible will bridge edges, otherwise will connect edges
 In Border subobject level
  - will Cap border
 In Polygon subobject level
  - if 0 polygons is selected will start the Create tool
  - if 1 or more polygon are selected will extrude them

 Feel free to change the default commands with supplied ones(watch the video) or with max2010 and max2011 commands, but remember that in any subobject level
 in any count of selected verts/edges/faces only one command can be valid(uncommented). Any others must be commented or deleted.


Drag and drop in 3ds max or use Maxscript->Run Script. Go to Customize->Customize User Interface. Under "miauu" category you will find the "Magic HotKey".


The and  1_2  was requested in my youtube channel. It will start miauu's Edge Cutter script instead of regular connect when 2 or more edges are selected.

Version Requirement: 
9 and up
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miauu_magic_hotkey_v1.ms5.59 KB
miauu_magic_hotkey_v1_1.ms5.76 KB
miauu_magic_hotkey_v1_2.ms12.32 KB


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Thanks! I could save millions of clicks!

1000 cats purr for you :D

miauu's picture


Do you use caddy floaters instead of regular old style UI floaters?

DannySliepen's picture

connect edges


Thank you for the script.

but when selecting 2 or more edges and I want to connect them I get a error.

CreateDialog requires RolloutClass, got: undefined

do I do something wrong?

Hope to hear from you

miauu's picture

Thats because you don't have

Thats because you don't have installed WeldToLastSelectedVerts script. You can find it here:

Version _1_! and _1_2 was requested in youtube video comments, so to use weld to last sel vert you have to install the script. Also when 2 or more edges are selected the magic hotkey will start miauuEdgeCutter(version _1_! and _1_2). The initial version - v1 wont give you an error.

About spline ops - what ops do you want to have? HOw meny knots must be selected to perform desired ops?

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runtime error:

No such macro-script: miauu_weldToLastSelVert_v1.

it gives this error when on vertex level with 2 vertexes selected.

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this can easily replace my shift+w key but hey,...

do you think you can add some welding ops for splines so that it detects if it s a shape or geometry and perform ops according to it?

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