Max_Retopo 1.5

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Mohab Gamal

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1.5 version
Should've been uploaded at least 3 years ago
Sorry for that

--------Under Brush Mode -----------------

-press alt and click near the verts to move them
-select Edge by pressing Shift
-Click after Selecting and it will extend the edge
-Selecting an Edge and then pressing Ctrl and selecting another one will bridge or
weld them
-Smart E is a feature to auto select the suitable edges for extending and
then clicking will extend them all
-there is a vertex color option to aid in working ... try it :)
-press F2 to toggle "Shade selected faces" or this option will not be helpful
-modifier keys at the bottom change the functions of alt , Ctrl , Shft
play with them .. some of them for collapsing edge rings and for removing edge loop

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max_retopo_1.5__beta.rar94.63 KB
Max_Retopo.rar95.27 KB


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error when installing

it works on 2014 but I do not have 2012 to test. Is there any way to get a different version to test on 2011? ... 2011 does not have nitrous viewport but your old script works, is this a requirement for this version of the script?

cyfer's picture

2012v this is must be due to

this is must be due to Nitrous viewPort
I don't have 2011 any more , could you please test it on 2012 and tell me if it
has the same issue ?

AndyW's picture

install error.


Great script, I use the old version, however the latest version(1.5) gives an error when installing. I drag onto the viewport or use run script and I get the error message below.
(using max2011 32bit)

MAXScript FileIn Exception
-- Unknown property: "isEnabled" in undefined

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Tank you for update ;)

cyfer's picture

there is undo mechanism..

there is undo mechanism.. sometimes max internal undo system doesn't allow it

Nevil's picture

Can you ?

Can you add Undo function for your great tool ?

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This is even better then the Topogun. faster and easer. but i think a regular close and Help button is better than attached text file for tutorial.

thank you ;)

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Useful script!

Useful script!
1)It is strange why you have not created mcr file that registers these tools in 3dsmax?
Now, who needs - I created him
So: Max_Retopo.mse copy to Scripts folder
And drop to viewport
to find - category "Max Retopo"
Author, can include this file in the archive.
2)Did not immediately find a way to close the tools. Helps shotcut Alt + F4
Enjoy :)

In the 2012 version of 3dsmax normal flight.

AttachmentSize 272 bytes
camorsildecarper's picture

where 1.5?

i´m looking forward to 1.5 version

cyfer's picture

2-3 weeks maximum and v1.5

2-3 weeks maximum and v1.5 will be published
i'm sorry , i got busy and forgot about publishing v1.5

thank you all for the kind words


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