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Created for creation of screen captures for instructional tutorials - etc. Captures the current viewport in max - saves it as a sequentially named .bmp file. Creates a new .bmp every time you click the button. Saves the files as: 0001.bmp - 0002.bmp - 0003.bmp - etc. A thumbnail of each saved image is displayed in the control. Controls minimal to save screen space. If you type a name into the text box - it will be used in the filename(s). Leave it blank and it will be numerical. The output directory can bee set - this defaults to the max/images directory if no choice is made. Every time the a new name is entered or the directory changed - The numbers will start back at 0001.bmp. It can be left running in the corner of the screen while you work.

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No special installation required - just run the script by clicking Maxscript - then Run Script...

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7; 6; 5
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