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Aligns the viewport to the selected face. Thanks to Carl-Mikael Lagnecrantz for some code inspiration.

Select an editable poly object, select a face, run the script. Now you have a new view perpendicular to that face.

PowerSwitcher : Enanced Viewport Switching (Release)

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PowerSwitcher switches viewports while remembering previous viewport's position/pan and zoom data. No more panning/zooming after switching through the various different viewports, as PowerSwitcher stores and recalls all that info for you. Comes with addional features like, cycling views through scene cameras/light views per keypress etc.

Features new in Release Version 1.0:

Viewport Auto-Snap

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Viewport Auto-Snap automatically changes the current snapping degree (3D - 2.5D - 2D) based on the current viewport.

For full instructions refer to the manual.

Auto Snap Mode

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This is a simple (free) script that detects viewport changes. It will automatically set the current snap mode to 3D snaps when the current viewport is perspective, camera, etc; it will switch to either 2D/2.5D if the current viewport is set to standard orthographic projections.

The function only changes the current snap mode if:

1: Snaps are On
2: Either the target snap mode is 2/2.5 and the current snap mode is 3D OR the target snap mode is 3D and it isn't currently set to 3D. (In other words, for top/left/front the mode won't change if it is 2 or 2.5--it uses the current 2 or 2.5.)

Copy Viewport to Clipboard

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Simply copies your selected viewport to the clipboard. Great for quickly getting a viewport grab into photoshop - or if bandwidth doesn't matter - getting an uncompressed image pasted into your email client.


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Lets you control the view you're currently seeing in the viewport in a handy dialog box.

Shaded/Hidden Line/Wireframe Display Toggle

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smoothHiddenLineWireframe is a scripted display toggle that switches between shaded, hidden line and wireframe.

Viewport Grabber

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errr......grabs the viewport?


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Stevie Ray Vaughn? No - it's Save/Restore Views (sorry - blues fans!)! Lets you store any perspective or user view and recall it at any time. Stored views are saved with the scene.


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Okay - so there's already a shortcut to maximize the active viewport. But not to maximize whatever viewport happens to be under the mouse...at least not until now! Migratory Maya users should find this one comforting.

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