Maxwell Light Lister v2.0

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Maxwell Light Lister is a lights manager for 3ds Max in which you can change most of the significant parameters for the lights of the scene. The original creator, Eric Mehl, developed a script that allows the possibility of listing 3ds Max native lights and also lights from Maxwell Render.

We have developed a new version of the Maxwell Light Lister script that includes the Maxwell Render MxLights and a new panel that lists all the cameras of the scene. In this new extra panel you can change some parameters that are closely related to the Maxwell Render lights.


  • Added new Maxwell lights: Mxlights (Support for types Area, IES and Spot).
  • Fixed dependence between “Luminance Type” DropDownList items and “Luminance Type” parameters of Maxwell Material Emitters.
  • Added new Cameras Panel (parameters that are closely related to the Maxwell renderer lights). 
Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2016
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