Measurement Tape Plus

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Alexander Chernyh

This is the modification of the Measurement Tape created by Alaa Al-Nahlawi. The difference is that Measurement Tape Plus allows to set any length units to display and change decimals precision for the displayed values.



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How to use:
1. Merge file into your scene.
2. Use left and right point object handles to measure the length.
3. Scale center point object to change the scale of the Measurement Tape.
4. Move or rotate center point object to adjust position of the text and orientation of the Measurement Tape.
5. Select text with displayed length value and in Modify panel under Custom Attributes change Length Units to desired. Change decimals precision for the displayed values.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2014+
mtape_plus_max2014_v1.0.max760 KB
mtape_plus_max2016_v1.0.max760 KB