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Free version of Merge and Relink

What do you think about this idea... Merge and Auto-Relink in the same moment ?!

This script can find and Relink new assets during Merge process. All in background so you don't have to do anything.

Easy and fast. It search for missing assets in the closest folders to merged file.

How it works:
Lets say you merge tree model form Z:/Models/Trees/Winter/Vray/Tree004.max

1. It search first in the same folder Z:/Models/Trees/Winter/Vray/
2. Then it goes one folder lower and search in all subfolders of Z:/Models/Trees/Winter/
3. And then -> auto-relink assets to paths
4. DONE :)

Test version is just drag and drop to max:
Standard Merge window will pop up. Do the same as always-> choose file -> objects and... model is Merged and Relinked !

This is full free version. It can search for missing files in all subfolders after step down in path.
 - it's only drag and drop to max
 - it has Message Info after Merge is done

Full version without message ifo and with Install package available on:
Merge and Relink (
Merge and Relink (

Thanks all for trying. Let me know how it works for you.


Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2010 and up


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themaxxer's picture

Do I have to click on "merge

Do I have to click on "merge and Relink" each time I want to merge something? I don't get it... or is there a way it works also via Drag and Drop? Do I have to hold a special button or something else?

best regards

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Cool script

I hope this wonderful script will develop and become even more convenient.

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hi, cool, I'll add this option to dropAllHere or Clear Copy/Paste

or you think it should be implementer in Merge and Relink too ?

themaxxer's picture

I use copy/paste too all day

I use copy/paste too all day like rachka... so I second his idea. :)
but I have another annoying thing and that's the material ID visibility in max or the "override Effect ID" from vray. it's really annoying to check all materials by hand to see which effect ID is assigned and if you merge objects you get conflicts and double material ID's values. if your script could check the "effect ID" while merging and if there's a conflict assign a new one, wow, I would be very happy. :)

best regards

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Hey, thanks,
I planed to add similar function to Clean Save Selected:

and collect and relink assets while merging is part of dropAllHere
check it here:
first UI downloads:

But your idea is great... I'll add it to dropAllHere (drop and Merge)

First full version almost ready :)

Thanks for great suggestion!

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There is an excellent time saver script Copy/Paste object by Christopher Grant which I use all day every day in my work. And I imagine this script with the ability to copy object(s) from an open instance of max and paste it (them) BUT having also this auto-relinking which it lacks. Just copy some model(s) from some scene from another open max then paste and relink it (them) in the working instance of max. As an extra it could have the option to copy the assets as well, in a designated project folder where all the projects assets should be. This could be a great combination saving a lot of time with all this merging of models from here and there all the time during the day. Cheers!

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Thanks :)

Thanks :)

finalmethod's picture

very useful

This script is very useful and saves alot of time!
Thank you!

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free merge and relink

Hmm, thanks for comment...
So you don't want to test Full version ?

Lantrancy's picture

its more easy just add the

it's more easy just add the resources folder to the project in asset tracking manager and it is also free............................................................

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