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Wong Solo asli.... (aka.: fadli)

(Main UI interface)

UI Minimized ( Minimize UI )

This is collections of script that I found in scriptspot.com and tweak it a little, I compile it into one file and add to it some of my tool ....so here is some of what this script can do

  • Copy paste object and material to file with setting (now you can change where the copied file will be placed (Never try it in network, coz I don't have one, so I dont know how it will work) )

Copy paste Setting UI (Where to put your copied object UI setting)

  • Copy Paste Modifier, Transformation and wirecolor 
  • Random color to selection
  • Many selection ways (by Instance, Color, Material, Layer, and name)
  • Change viewport layout in the fly
  • Change view (top, persp, etc) on the fly with rotate after changed
  • Switch your renderer and reset the material editor to compatible renderer


  • And many more tools in Misc Tool rollout (Just read it, its all self explain button, hover on to it (button) and it'll pop)

Additional Tool UI (More UI)


 Mini miscbox , with this I hope you can save more workspace..... rather than opening full ui....  

Last word : this script is still in beta , many tool still unleashed, I'm planning to add some tool, some already ready and some are not (many), this is my first time in scripting so if anything bad happen just writte it down on the board, I 'll check it up, but maybe it'll take long time since I still got many businnes to do.....sorry for that.

Sorry for my bad english.

Special thank to : Rappy BMX, Christopher Grant, Colinsenner, Futuregeist.


Thanks very much to http://www.scriptspot.com/

-- P.S : please point where 3dsMax installed during installation ( ex :  C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 9 )

--        : This Script is free of charge and free to distribute, no restriction @ all..... 

--       : the register button in about is joke....

Updated : : added feature right click in every little dialog.....

Updated : : added feature startup on and off.....

Update : : Now , I think its support copy paste object and file in network (dont really sure, just using vmware to test it)

  • fixed : error when closing dialog setting when tab in tool tab
  • added some tool check in tool menu
  • minimize button will set dialog height to 0 and press it again to restore normal height
  • added interface "mini miscbox" so you could still acces some miscbox feature via right click with little dialog
  • and many more.....download it and check it your self

(New) Update :

  • Many bug fixes that I found during daily life work.
  • Icon in viewport layout has been corrected right now... (thank to jsrocha to point it out)

Thank you!

Version Requirement: 
3dsMax 9 SP1 - 2011 (I think !..)
miscbox_1.5.1.0.rar280.9 KB
miscbox_1.7.0.0.rar280.71 KB


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re-download ?

re-download ?

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damaged file

damaged file

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