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MCG Rings

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Rings for the mographers. Based on my VenetianBlind mcg, use this with a Bend to create rings of all sorts. Go nuts !!!

Combined with MultiSlicerRot

Any small donations to vusta@hotmail.com would be greatly appreciated. I intend to then fully donate onto the following:

Save Increment

1 vote

This code saves, and find the LAST SEQUENCE number in the file name to automatically increment.
This works especially with names with suffix after the sequence number.

Vray Bitmap Material Control

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Hi, This is my first script. It's poorly written and could be greatly improved. But it's also pretty handy. :-) This script allows you to selectively change within; a selection, scene or classic material editor slot, the co-ordinates rollout's values for bitmaps,(mapchannel, realworld scale, offset, size, mirror/tile. angle, blur, blur offset). Any changes/improvements/suggestions please advise.


Dashed lines generator - traffic dashed lines

2 votes

SciFi Pattern Generator

29 votes

SciFi Pattern Generator v.1.1 ! Generate complex structures with a single click! (WATCH THE VIDEOS!) 

3DS Max Notepad

2 votes

Slice plane keys mover

2 votes

Multipurpose selection bar

2 votes

List view selected objects

2 votes

Compact snaps and constraints window

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