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Curtis W. Tooley

Main Interface


Molecule is a utility MaxScript for 3DS Max 8-2013 to create and render molecular models. (It may work for previous versions but I have not checked it on those.)
It allows you to import either Protein Data Bank Molecule data files(PDB) or (ENT). Or MOL data files.(MOL)

The Molecule package also includes a material editor application with which you can assign specific colors to each atom substance in your molecules so the relationship of the different compounds are evident in the resulting model.

Version Requirement: 
Max 8 thru 2013


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Link dead

Hey there,

is there an alternate download mirror link?

The above mentioned is down :(.

Best wishes


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PDB files are/should be

PDB files are/should be placed in the following directory

Molecule Files
Data <- All PDB files are kept here.

The directory structure is already set up in the archive when you download version 2.
And there are several PDB files included in the archive. So the drop down list
should fill when you run the script. Just drop the entire MoleculeV2 directory into
your scripts directory. Not hard.

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Instalation / library location

Hello, I would like to thank you for further development of Molecular script. Could you please provide me with details of directory structure and library location.
I've tried it with a trial version of 3ds max 2013 x64 installed in default location but the script doesn't read any PDB files or material library. I've tried various combinations, which works with Molecular 1.2, but no matter what I try Molecular 2.0 still won't read any files. Thank you in advance!

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Hi Curtis. Thanks for this

Hi Curtis. Thanks for this script, but where do the .pdb files go in x64 architecture? I've tried pasting a few at different levels, but nothing is coming up in the import drop down and it lists the number of files as zero. Thanks!

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Molecule is available again on website

Molecule V2 is back on the Molecule wesite.

Size is ~10Mb

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troubles in 3ds max 2012 x64

I installed and run this script in 3ds max 2012. the script dialog window opened but there is nothing in the drop down import list. i also unable to load files manually from the load button. it says this setting files is not compatable with this version of molecule .

plz reply as I ve got a project where I have to show 3d representation of different molecules.. or if you can suggest any other plugins or solution.

i have attached some screen shots for your reference..

thnks :)

Manish ,

molecule_screen.jpg 345.55 KB
molecule_istall_folder_screen.jpg 158.53 KB
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Hasn't been released yet...

Hasn't been released yet...

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Molecule 2.0?


I couldn't find the new version 2.0 (I got 3ds max 2013). I appreciate any information please.



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