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Morpherizer is a maxscript utility that gives access to MORPHER data outside the stack and modify panel itself and has some other handy buttons and tricks that can help you with yor morphing, lipsyncing and animating tasks.

Morphizer 0.9 UI


Just copy the script in your maxscript folder eg. c/programfiles/autodesk/3dsmax20XX/scripts and load it through UtilitysPanel>MAXscript>RunScript.

Remember, best way to do it would be to select something with a morpher modifier on it, and than execute the script. It does, however, feature a prominent "Pick object" button, which permits the thing to be run without any selection being made, and it even allows you to switch an object for another one, providing, of course, that this new object has a morpher modifier in its stack, too.

I reccon it could be easily made into a fancy UI button, if you enjoy cluttering your interface with such elements.




It offers handy access to morpher data even if your object isn't selected;

You can have more than one window (for more than one object) open at the same time;

It has two buttons to jump to previous (<<) or next (>>) MORPHER's keyframe on a level of whole modifier, or you can do jumping between specific channel's keyframes (hidden on that channels "Extras" button);

You can define or change limits, globally or on the per-channel basis;

You can make or delete keyframes on a current frame (without changing the value) for individual channel, and for all channels at once. I quite fancy this one;

You can:

  • change channel's name;
  • pick a new target (and thus create a new channel);
  • or you can pick a new target for an existing channel;
  • reload individual target or all targets at once;
  • swap channels;
  • delete them, too;
  • switch between using vertex selection or not, on an individual AND global level;

If you press "Edit Target obj" in channel's "Extras", it will select and if necessary unhide it for you;

You can create new Editable Poly object (menu>Channels>CaptureCurrentState) which is put on a new channel, or overwrites existing one. However it puts it in an exact same position as our main obj, so you may have to hunt for it. This is actually one of my favourites;

You can extract data for a channel that does not have existing target, thus making a new target obj;

It has an AutoReload button, for working with animated targets;

If you uncheck "Extenred Interface" in Options menu, you will gain a little smaller UI, with a bit less cluttered with parameters. (In ver.0.7, you can find this option under "Extras".);

And last, but not least, it even has a sort of a rough presets system that allows you to store a morphed expresion for a later conveniance (hope i spelled that right). Obviously, you have to store the preset, before you can use it;

Many important buttons in the UI you can klik with your RMB, to get some sort of help msgbox, describing items.

If you experience any trouble whatsoever, or just for the fun of it, please use "REFRESH UI" button on the menu bar. It's like a MAGIC BUTTON to me, really. Version 0.7 has this same button (shamefully) hidden under "Extras", it's called ReloadRollouts.




It does occupy quite some precious screen real-estate, though. And not all the features included work perfectly, and not every one of them are very useful or even make much sense, like, for instance, viewport docking system...

It has some minor msgbox nagging (which can at least be turned off in options menu), in a pathetic attempt of being funny.

And I still haven't figured out how to make a slider return to a previous position after breaking the change of a parameter with a right-klik, otherwise a standard max procedure, which is dragg , since I use it a lot, and really like this feature.

And it doesn't support progressive morphing yet.



I was playing with the script last year. It didn't work, for some reason or other, in max2009, and that put me off the proyect. The idea was to make a cool utility to access morpher parameters without needing to dig into a stack everytime you need to change or test something. It was as well sort of a learning project, starting off the example "How To ... Enhance the Morpher Modifier With Floating Controls", from maxscript help file, but it soon evolved into something completley different ("beeheeh").

Morpherizer was always ment to be given to the comunity, its just that the "2009 bug" turned me off for a long while. It works "perfect" on other versions, I for myself use it a lot and find it quite helpful. I've writen it on a max9 platform, so it probably doesn't work on previous versions. Now im using 2011 and 2012, and it works on both.





I hope Morpherizer will do you a lot of good, and that at least some of you will find some use for it.

I guess the coding is terrible, lol.

If you find ways of improving it, please do so, and do inform us of your successfulness.

I would really love to work on scripts, and such, with other people, so if you feel that we could team up for this or some other project, that my coding is good enough for what you've got in your mind, or that you can contribuite something, please dont hesitate to contact me.


Additional Info: 

Morpherizer0_9 is the latest version, if you experience any troubles, try version 0_7. It has fewer features, but I find it a bit more stable.

The maxfile (included) is really just a test file, hopefully it will prove fun to play with.

Oh, and yes, indeed.
It's for all of you sharing pirates out there, for it is you who make it possible for the little Johnny somewhere, to learn and enjoy the richness, that is, and should be, of us all.

Happy morphing!

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UbiGuy's picture

Wow! Greate tool

Thank you very muche for this one. Nice job!

But it's seem under Max2013 it's not possible tu use it with more than one object. Someone can confirm it?

Thank You!

Gspoutnik's picture

super job

Thank you for this super script.
really good stuff.
one idea:
the possibilitie to classifie morphs by rollout.
eg: one channel rollout for eyes, one for visemes, etc...
i don't know if it's possible it's just an idea.
i'm working on a character with 60 morphs targets and its a pain to find one in the list.
load and save presets (pose) is the icing on the cake.
Thank i'm fan
French 3d

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