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morphMap is a tool to map low-res objects (as those used in video games). Works on meshes and polys. Now It's a multi-select tool: you can select several objects at the same time or you can select severals groups of faces of the same object.
The interface is left/right dockable.

There are 3 main modules :
+ the function 'morphMap' : the picture follows the mapped surface in one click. (The uvs will be like a square)
+ the function 'Face Map' : an advanced face mapping. The number of points in the face have no importance: that does work with all faces.
+ a set of functions to transform the mapping coordinates.

Additional Info: 

morphMap' creates mapping coordinates on a nonrectangular surface as you could make it by hand.
These coordinates are completely between 0 and 1. The UVs are deformed to fill all the space UV.

See the complete explanation on my website :

1- Select the element to map (object or faces selection).
2 - When it's done click 'morphMap' or 'Face Map'.

If you encounter bugs or problems that I am not aware of - please send me yours comments.
Any suggestions are welcome.

Installation of the macroscript:
1. Click the MAXScript item in the Main Menu - select Run Script...
2. Locate and select the script and press Open
3. Go to Customize > Customize User Interface and select the desired Tab (Keyboard - Toolbars - Quad or menu)
4. Locate the category 'UVWtoolBox' under group 'Main UI'
5. Search in the category for the name 'morphMap'
6. Drag the script to the toolbar - Menu - QuadMenu or assign to a Shortcut

Version Requirement: 
8; 7; 6; 5
Video URL: 


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Great script though has issues with max 2016

Have used this a few times over the years but just tried with max 2016 and getting an error at line 139:


Double checked the script with max 2013 and works fine there. Not sure what's changed

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Great idea. This will be so

Great idea. This will be so useful

John Martini
Digital Artist (new site)

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Hidden gem

This is great script, mapping roads is super easy with this. Easier and faster to use in some cases than max default spline mapping.

Works in 2012 64bit, just small bug that if you move a script window, sometimes it leaves the "moving" cursor active and you have to close and open the tool again, then it works fine.

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