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This script throws up a menu of the objects under the cursor for selection - similar to right-clicking Photoshop's move tool to select a layer.

-Select a single object by picking from the menu.
-Select multiple objects by holding down the control key while picking.
-Use 'All -' with or without the control key - to add/remove all listed objects from the selection.

This is best bound to a key - as it wouldn't be much use in a quad.

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Installation: Unzip the file - then run the .mzp file from maxscript/run.

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6; 5
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Like this

Rhino Selection Method .

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Rhino selection

The selection in rhino is like this :
when you have many object under mouse pointer and (run the script) it will show a menu with all names of this objects and when you move the pointer over any name in this menu it will select this object without clicking (just hovering the pointer , no need to click), and when you find the right object then you can click on its name and the object will be selected .

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I'm planning to write s

I'm planning to write s script like this one, but with ability to select almost all max objects. But, I never use Rhino, so I wander... what is the point of placing mouse pointer over a object and then start the script instead of clickin with LMB to select object under mouse?
Can someone explain me in more details.

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Are you still planning on

In reply to Sergos' post.

Are you still planning on making the amendments to this script as you have described?

Also, could you please tell me how I can incorporate the chunk of code to select objects by fencePickNode into this script?


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Hellow Jon

this script is very important (like selection in Rhino) .
but the difference is, in rhino it select the object when mouse just over the name (no need to click on the name to select object).
The Question is : how to make this script act like in rhino ?
thank you ....

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<p>Here is another script to   Here's the markup:            Test new suggest</p>
<script src="jquery.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="jquery.autocomplete.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="suggest-test.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
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<p><input id="artisttext" class="auto" name="artist" type="text"><!-- p--></p>
<p><input name="submitform" value="Submit" type="submit"></p>
<p>And the script: $(document).ready(function() {         $('#artisttext').autocomplete('suggest-test.php', {extraParams: {p1: 'as'} });         $('.auto').setOptions({minChars: 2, delay: 200, max: 50}); });  

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way to select all kind of objects

Hi John! Firstly thank you for this script.

I found some workaround to select all kind of objects with your script - instead of using InteresectRay try to use fencePickNode with two point array and crossing parameter set to true - this will select all objects under the picked point.

Yes, it selects objects only if you pick on a wireframe since this little "fence" should cross some line of the object, just if you select with Fence selection in wireframe viewport mode.

Also, if you don't mind, I would like to make some modification to your code to have objects selected not by clicking on a menuitems but just hovering over them (if it is possible at all) - the way the Rhino modeler lets you select objects in the viewports.

Here's the chunk of code to select objects by fencePickNode:

pickedPoint = #escape
tool pickOnePoint
	on mousePoint click_no do
		if click_no == 1 then
			pickedPoint = viewPoint

point_1 = [0,0]
point_2 = [0,0]
print "pick a point"
pick_result = startTool pickOnePoint numPoints:1
if pick_result != undefined and pick_result != #abort and pick_result != #escape then
	point_1 = pickedPoint + 2		--this makes little diagonal streak out of picked point
	point_2 = pickedPoint - 2
	fencePickNode #(point_1, point_2) crossing:true
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Really cool, but a bit slow

Really cool, but a bit slow on big scenes , so bad it is when I use it :-)
Hope we can select one day all object types ! Thanks.

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This is great for Rhino3D

This is great for Rhino3D users...same type of selector dialog.

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got to bump this excellent

got to bump this excellent script which makes up for max's appalling selection tool

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