MultiSub Material Creator

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Marcelo Souza

Version 1.99 for new Corona DailyBuild Available

   Starting a new Scene on 3dsmax ?! Do you Like to use MultiSub Materials ? This tool is for you. It automatically creates the shaders for selected objects ! :) (Supports Standard, Mentalray, Vray and the amazing Corona-Renderer.) This is my first time messing with Slate Material. This one, make the process of first setup of a MultiSub Matrial a lot easier. When you create multi-sub using Max tools, it just creates a lot of unuseful standard materials and a lot of nodes. Sometimes you just want a few, sometimes a lot of them… So, i decided to create this tool for my personal use. But i am sure it could be useful for you too… ! If you want to know more and download that tool, click on this button bellow…

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|How to use it :

– Run it . You´re gonna see that´s 4 Material Types options and the script will automatically greyOut the ones you don´t have installed and automatically “check/choose”, the current material type set on 3dsMax… But you can change as you want.

– Select some “virgin” objects on the scene. They doesn´t need to be virgin, but keep in mind this script will replace ANY material already applied to selected objects after you press APPLY…

– Press APPLY.

– Your slate-material window will pop on screen and your nodes and materials are served. I set one checker map on each difuse using object color, just to check the UVW if you want. (Maybe i will put a checkbox option for this in the future…

– Don´t worry, the script will not mess with your actual Slate Tabs, it lives on it´s own tab, the FIRSTMAT tab.

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