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When working with large scripts in 3dsMax it's very practical to split the project up in multiple files. When done correctly this loosely resembles an object-oriented approach. Something that maxscript doesn't really support. While working with multiple files is easier than with a single large one, publishing them is more work. This script helps with that.

I like to publish my scripts as an mzp-file. This is a self-extracting zip-file built for 3dsMax. Within an mzp-file you can bundle scriptfiles, art,presets or other files and link special actions which are executed upon installation. Building such a file needs some manual work however. It's also very error-prone. I always have to check three times if everything is in place and have to edit my mzp-file after each try. This takes a lot of time and is frustrating. The mzpBuilder creates an mzp-file based on an ini-file you can fill in yourself. It also creates the run-file based on the data in the ini-file.Read more about the mzp-file in the maxscript documentation.

Using the ini-file makes the building process more consistent and a lot quicker. My script covers a small portion of the features of the mzp-files, but it's enough for me at the moment. I might expand upon this if needed.

Check out the project on github or download it directly.

You can also check out the blog for more info.

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Version 2

Added readme which tells you which scripts are being installed where. Besides that, the developer can give you a small message, license, support and contact information.


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Puleeez make this work in

Puleeez make this work in later versions.


I want to make little installers for all my scripts, setting up Max on a new machine is a right pain in the proverbial.

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Hi Klass, I'm getting the

Hi Klass, I'm getting the same Booleanclass error, is there a fix ?


Max 2014 sp1

Nik's picture's picture


unable to convert: ** to type: BooleanClass
in line encryptscripts = GetINISetting theIniFile "Encrypt" "encryptscripts" as booleanclass

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This looks cool. I'm someone

This looks cool.

I'm someone who doesn't code, but even I can follow an .ini :)

Now all script authors have no excuse for not providing an installer , but your explanation probably explains why so few do. ;)

This will be very useful to combine a good number of my most used fiddly "installerless" scripts in one convenient package.

I'm sure script authors will appreciate this more than a nub like me :)

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