Nanne's ViewportColourSwitch

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Kristoffer Helander

This is my first MAXScript ever! :) Its function is very straight forward; it allows you to quickly toggle between the standard grey and  pitch black colour of all the viewports.

The black viewport makes it easier to see particles when working with Particle Flow and the standard grey is my prefered option when working with other stuff. So this is simply an easy way to toggle back and forth between workflow.

Additional Info: 

1) Put this file in your 3ds Max Startup Script folder (e.g. "...\3ds max 2010\Scripts\Startup\"
2) Start or restart 3ds Max
3) Go to Customize -> Customize User Interface...
4) In the Category drop-down list select Nanne's Scripts
5) Assign the script to a hotkey, a toolbar, a quad menu or a menu; it's up to you
6) Start toggling!

Version Requirement: 
tested on Max 9 and 2010
NannesViewportColourSwitch01.ms1.26 KB