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Sergo's script pack

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- three scripts for easy, one-click rotating objects on 90, -90 and 180 degree around active axis and in current coordinate system. Scripts also rotate UVW Mapping gizmo and Slice sub-object.
- to rotate a copy of the object - press shift+script button on the toolbar

3PointScale - script for scaling separate objects by specifing 3 points. Like AutoCAD's 'scale by reference' command. Uniform scaling supported.

[Raytools] Viewport switch

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I am a UG user When I changing viewport in 3Ds Max is not very convenient. It made me remind UG viewport function. So I made this.

Installation and user guide video for China user:


Nanne's ViewportColourSwitch

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This is my first MAXScript ever! :) Its function is very straight forward; it allows you to quickly toggle between the standard grey and  pitch black colour of all the viewports.

The black viewport makes it easier to see particles when working with Particle Flow and the standard grey is my prefered option when working with other stuff. So this is simply an easy way to toggle back and forth between workflow.

Playback Viewport

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Playback Viewport reproduces what I think is a killer feature of XSI (well, for animators though) :

It automatically switches to a viewport designated by the user when animation playback starts, and switches back to the previously working viewport once the animation stops.


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This tool just holds a list of key objects u want to quickly select or view. helpful when in a scene with a crapload of nodes when ur really only animating a few of them. Additionally if u right click an item in the list u will zoom extents of it (if geometry), or look from its perspective (camera or light). It also keeps the list variables as persistant... so u can open and close it without changin the list.. even closing and loading the scene.


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