Noors Simple Average Normals

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This is a simple script similar to Zoffty and Anubis average normals scripts.

At some point I think they used to work for me but i can't remember how !

This it not like ByteHazard face weighted normals ! This script doesnt look for the face area influence hence it's not fully automatic. In fact i scripted this before discovering ByteHazard script, but anyway, somebody may find it useful.

You have to manually select the "influencing faces" and set their smoothing groups. Basically it's just useful for chamfers and produces slightly less artefacts (bent normals) than face weigthed normals (for this specific case), which may be wanted (or not)

For this script to work, you are meant to :

-Set correct smoothing goups

-Select the faces that should keep their normals (select by SG for faster selection)

For instance, for a chamfered cube :

-The six sides faces should have a different smoothing group than the chamfer faces (it's the case by default).

-Select the six side faces

-Run the script

Works only on Editable Poly and Editable Mesh for now. Adds just an edit normal modifier


noors_simple_average_normals.ms1.95 KB