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This will slice a polygon object randomly. Good for creating fragments.

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What's New?:
1. Interactive Mode - when changing parameters - fracturing is updated automatically.
2. Seeding Options - Able to set and save seed settings so that you'll be able to go back or choose from various fractured outputs.
3. Rotation parameter - Reworked the paramters to be more intuitive (I hope).
4. Sub-Iterations now have individual sub-level settings
5. Solid/Shell options for Slice mode
6. Progress calculation for normal (without subfrag) fragmentation.

Infos/Comments/Suggestions can be found or directed on this thread @ www.cgtalk.com:http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=229117
Additional Infos can be found inside the maxscript file.

Some Features:

Subfragmentation parameters
- This will slice the initially sliced objects.
- I've only limited the slicing up to 3 subfragmentions.
- An option to choose between slice mode or boolean mode.

Slice mode:
- Uses the slice modifier for slicing the object.
- Internally - the script applies slice & capholes modifier that has random rotations.
- Its much safer to use this method rather than the boolean one.

Boolean mode:
- As we all know - booleans in max can be very unstable.. so use with caution.
- This basically creates a plane.. applies a noise - shell and a subdivide modifier on top.
- You can control the values of the shell 'thickness' - plane 'Segments' - 'Subdivision' size - and
noise 'fractal' strength within the UI.
- Thus the created plane is used to slice through the selected object.

An info text area to show the summary of slicing.
- shows percentage of open obejcts
- Includes the number of sliced objects.
- Time elapsed.

- The Slice Rotation parameter lets you control the random rotation limit for the slice planes/plane objects.
- also supports changing the rotation controller for each fragment

- An option/button to randomize wire colors for each object after slicing
- A show progress button

- Note that using the show progress button can sometimes hang the UI - it means the it wont be
updating the progress bar since a lot of objects are being processed in the background. (i think) but slicing is still in motion.

- Also note that at subfragment 0 - using the progress bar wont show you any progress.

- The fragments are automatically selected after slicing
- Works only on poly objects
- Mapping is retained after slicing (thanks to the slice mod)
- option to assign a material ID for the insides of the the fractures object.

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There are 2 lines (117 and

There are 2 lines (117 and 1079) in the script refer to C:\3dsmax6 which
should be link to C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max
9\ui\Icons\SnapsControls_16i.bmp or it will stop during the "Evaluate
All" progress.

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