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I am not a coder, but for work I wrote this script "Ocean Palne".

It's a "primitive plane" that fits to camera's perspective. The. zip file contains the script and scenes in 3dsmax 2011 with the modifiers diplacemap, also try it with hot4max. 

Copy the script in "Autodesk\3ds Max 2011\Scripts\Startup", load the scene and create "Ocean plane", select the camera in camera slot's, change the parametres and  binds spacewarp diplacemap at plane.


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3ds Max 2009 or higher
oceanplane_beta_v1.0.zip29.81 KB


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Great script!

Is there a way to have the ocean plane update every frame to follow an animated camera? I'm using max 2012. When dragging the camera in the viewport ocean plane follows, but it doesn't work on an animated camera.

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thanks for contributing such a great script...works perfect!
I ask myself what the hell the guys at autodesk are doing the whole day.
This place here is full with tons of great little helper which are
missing in this 5000 $ programm...good that there are so much coder out there to help us out....also thanks to scriptspot.

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very cool script. I was

very cool script. I was actually looking for exactly this the other day. Thanks for sharing.

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i have just contacted the coder, hope he will answer you directly here.
maybe you can contact him directly through pm from
you understand that i can't share here the email....

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Thanks for comments

Thanks for comments, i have added the modifier hot4max on my Ocean plane ( see the new image and .zip) .
Jinj I'm interested to contact the two coders:)

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there is another free project

there is another free project about water plugin for max... also working with 2012..... it would be nice to join both... i think it's really useful to have a water surface that match the camera view.

the plugin is called hot4max see topic

btw... i know both coders... let me know if you are interested.... also you can contact them directly ;)

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Very nice and helpful! :)

Very nice and helpful! :) Thanks!

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Cool, this is like the tool

Cool, this is like the tool in Dreamscape. But the way it works is kinda odd, you should give the UI an option to select a camera and have it stay with that. Right now when I switch to any other viewport, the ocean plane will automatically change to fit that view, which is annoying.

There really is a lack of ocean tools for 3ds Max, Dreamscape in my opinion is outdated and still too expensive, given the fact that its shading tools only work with scanline. So cheers to you, go on and develop this more please, many people will love it I am sure ;)

Never get low & slow & out of ideas

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