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Lukas Kiefer

Red&Cyan Octane Tools

What do they do?

- Create free Octane cam:

Obviously creates a free octane cam. You can decide wether you want to use a focus plane or not.
the focus plane affects the focal depth and vice versa.

- Create octane cam from view:

Works exactly as the usual "create camera from view".
You can also add a focus plane, wich is linked to the focalDepth.

- Replace with octane cam:

Select the camera/s that you want to replace and run the script. for each selected camera an octane cam will be created.
They get linked to the original standard cameras, also the transform axis get locked to prevent unintentional moving.
This way you can keep on animating the standard camera and render through the octancecam.
The FoV also gets wired to the standard camera's FoV (matches as close as possible, not always perfect match)


1. Close 3ds max
2. Unzip the archive to your 3ds max root directory. (Or unzip and move it there)
3. Restart 3ds max.
4. Go to Customize -> customize user interface -> Toolbars -> category: Red and Cyan -> Drag the scripts to your toolbars

Only tested with 3ds max 2014 x64

Use at your own risk.
We dont provide any support.

Known Bugs:

- when you delete a free octane camera with focus plane make sure to delete the focus plane first or both at the same time, otherwise it will prompt an error.
- The Viewport representation of the camera cone is buggy, wich is due to the octane camera and the way it is usually used (targeted). Means that the cone gets bigger, the further you move the camera away from the origin.

Version Requirement: 
3ds max 2014
Other Software Required: 
Octane render
Video URL: 


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Faruk Sabanovic's picture


Thank you very much for this work.


Heilandzack's picture

Hey, sorry for the down

Hey, sorry for the down website, get the scripts here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d586l7drk80tgza/r%26c_Octane%20Tools.rar?dl=0 I experienced that scripting is quite limited with octane right now, because not much settings are exposed... I din't look into the shaders yet. Since the script was uploaded by a buddy of mine, i can't change the content of the script page, but you can get it from my dropbox. If you want source, let me know. I would like to do more scripting on Octane, but as i said, quite limited right now.

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hello fellow octane scripter

hello fellow octane scripter :).. apparently your site is down, so I am unable to test the script, BTW I've created the camera from view on my own script, so I'm interested in your other ideas, and how you did it - I don't really use it much though, I mostly use standard camera and then do the settings from render dialogue
- I would really like to know a way to copy the settings from octane render setting to camera -

- also did you try overcoming that octane feature, where you can't add a rgb or any texture map to a shader via maxscript

- would recommend that you upload the script on scriptspot instead of pointing to your downed site

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