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Matthew Dicks

Record the Parents of your objects for easy relinking later.

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Sometimes we need to Unlink objects to perform certain tasks.  It can be a pain to have to relink all of them especially if there are a lot.

This Script Will Record The Parents of all the selected objects in the MaxScriptListener Bottom Window and Automate the Process of Reparenting them By assisting in the creation of a script that can be run to reparent the objects.  A script line will be created for all objects that are selected that are linked to another object.  If one of the selected objects is not linked to anything ( linked to scene root ) then a script line will not be created for that object.


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-Clear the lower window of the Maxscript Listener ( Just makes things easier , So no other code besides Parent Remember code is accidentally copied ).

-Open Parent Remember Dialog ( Button ).

-Choose the objects for which you want to create the Reparenting Script.

-Hit Create Parenting Script Button.


The Script will be created in The lower window of the Maxscript Listener.

-Copy Everything in the Listener lower Window.

-Go to Scripts Menu and choose New Script.

-Paste Into the New Script.

The Script Has Quotation Marks Which Must be deleted to do this.

-Go to Search Menu of the Script. Choose Replace.

-In the Find What area type in a Double Quotation Mark ( " ).

-Leave the Replace With area blank.

-Hit Replace All , Close Replace window.

Now Whenever You want to Reparent the objects Open the script and Evaluate it.



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Scripted in Max 8
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