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By Patrick Probst ([email protected])
www.patrickprobst.de / www.notanotherpixel.com
If you got any feature requests, problems or anything else regarding this script or another one I wrote, don't hesitate to contact me!

I am not responsible for any damage caused by this or any other of my scripts to your scene, software, computer or cat/dog/wife!

What this macroscript does:
It will let you link lights to objects or vice versa so that the according light only influences the chosen geometry.
Use it just like the normal "Select and Link"-Tool of 3ds max.

Point Parent

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This 3ds max script that helps you create hierarchies in one step which makes them replacement for 3ds max groups.

Link Array (directional)

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This code simply allows a users to link a selection of objects based on the order of selection. You can use either 0 or 1 to define the direction. That allows you to link everything forwards or backwards. Rather simple code but I figured someone would find use for it.

fn fnLinkArray arr dir:0= (
	if dir != 0 then (
		reverseArr = for i = arr.count to 1 by -1 collect arr[i]
		arr = reverseArr	
	for o in arr do o.parent = undefined
	for i = 1 to (arr.count-1) do
		child = arr[i]
		parent = arr[i+1]
		child.parent = parent

Parent Remember Relinker

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Record the Parents of your objects for easy relinking later.

ParentRemember ScreenCap

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