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PatternMaker is a simple script designed to aid the process of creating meshes that seamlessly tile, especially where you need to create geometry that bridges the tile edges. The script is easy to use and includes the following features:

  • The ability to set the size of the tiling grid
  • The ability to generate a preview tile showing the offset geometry
  • The ability to generate a 3 x 3 tiling preview
  • The ability to bake down the finished tile to a single editable poly for use in VRay Pattern, populate, or any other plugin or use that requires seamless tiling geometry.

updated (2012/12/30)

  • Fixed an error that occurred if you tried to attach a single object. (reported by Moonway)  

updated (2012/12/30)

  • Now able to attach multiple objects with a single click (suggested by Script_Butler
  • Stopped error message if you click "bake tile" without using create tile first.  


There's a video below that should give an indication of how it can be used. I'm by no stretch a programmer so apologies if the code is a little messy. I hope someone finds a use for it. 

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Written in 2012 but I see no reason why it shouldn't work in earlier versions
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patternmaker.zip9.44 KB


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nvidialover292's picture

Thank you. Very freaking

Thank you. Very freaking useful.

error's picture

Ty )

Working fine in Max14 x64.

justix's picture

no 2012 x32 or 2014 x64

sadly the script won't even appear on my 3dmax 2012x 32 or 2014 x64... ; (

lonelymonk's picture


Glad to hear it! Hopefully the bug that was causing the crash has been ironed out now.

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moonway's picture


Thank you!

lonelymonk's picture

re Max 2012 64x ERROR

I'll look into that. thanks

update: Found the error - re-uploading in a moment



moonway's picture

Max 2012 64x ERROR

Sorry but after pressing "attach object" button the MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception window appears with info :

--No "">"" function for undefined

And nothing happens further

lonelymonk's picture

Script ButlerĀ Thanks for the

Script Butler Thanks for the comment, I'm glad it's finding some use. I agree an attach all button would be handy, I'll change the script to support multiple objects. Thanks for the feedback.





Script_Butler's picture

Very useful!

Congrats. This is a very usefl script! It could do with an attach all button so save a lot of clicking, but it's very useful.



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